A finance broker is an independent agent – a financial ‘go-between’ – responsible for helping you jump the hurdle of finding the most appropriate financial institution to lend you money.

“Why can’t I just organise my loan directly with my bank?”

You can always deal directly with any financial institution of your choice but there are distinct advantages when using a good finance broker:

  1. A finance broker should have a strong grasp of your financial affairs – If you go to a bank, depending on the person who handles your query, you may be given information that’s not appropriate for you. A good broker will provide an in-depth analysis of your particular situation; one that shows a comprehensive understanding of your position.
  2. A finance broker should do the shopping around for you – If you go to a bank, you will only be offered finance products available through that specific bank and these products may not be the best fit for your needs. A good broker takes an independent stance and looks for your ideal financial fit from a number of different providers.
  3. A finance broker should do all the hard work for you – The paper trail and negotiation required to secure an appropriate loan can test anyone’s patience. A good broker takes care of all the little details and only involves you when it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. A finance broker should talk your language – The finance industry has a vernacular all of its own and a bank will rarely take the time to translate it for you. A good broker will be equally fluent in ‘finance-speak’ as they will be in plain English, so you won’t be left confused and feeling out of control.

As well as all these advantages, enlisting a good finance broker should be a service that comes free of charge to you, which puts you in a win-win situation – the burden of shopping around for finance is lifted and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Our past clients have already attested through repeat business and referrals that Howitt Partners offers all the attributes of a good finance broker, and then goes that extra mile beyond the usual. This is a level of service we’re proud to offer our entire client base, and one we’ll also extend to you.